Beijing Hikers Leading the way, since 2001

If you want to hike in Beijing ,the below hiking club will be Useful to you.

Beijing Hikers is a family-run business that has been organising hikes and expeditions around Beijing and greater China since 2001. Their trips are enjoyable, friendly, well-organised, and we’ll take you to many places that would be difficult to reach on your own.

A carefully selected schedule of hikes and trips to the Great Wall, hills, mountains, forests, and villages around Beijing, with a wide range of hikes that are suitable for casual walkers as well as the super-fit; trips to both famous and obscure scenic areas of greater China.

Their aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to get out there and explore China’s scenic highlights: they’ll take care of all the organisation and hassle, leaving you more time to enjoy the sights and scenery – more time for fun, less time spent negotiating the tricks and traps of travel in China’s remote and rural areas. They hope that you’ll finish the day happy, tired (in a good way!), and with great memories to take home with you.

Office hours and information:
Hours: 9am–6pm, Monday–Friday
(All out hiking Saturday and Sunday)
Phone: +86 (10) 6432-2786

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